Mentoring and Elmer Team

The Technical Mentoring and Elmering Team is a dedicated group teaching best Amateur Radio practices anything from the basics to advanced topics. We discuss technical topics related to ham radio at ALL levels of expertise, with emphasis on helping any new amateur radio operator learn, improve and understand topics related to amateur radio and emergency communications. Everyone begins with a first step, let the Team help you become or improve your emergency communications skills.

Through the year, speakers present topics of interest to the LNACS membership from the Team and from outside the LNACS organization. Often these presentations allow for question and answer periods. When we offer a scheduled “Net Training for Elmer’s,” we take check-ins at the beginning, provide a topic of general interest and provide time for questions and answers. Often expert hams are on-the-air on many Nets to help answer questions and discuss emergency communications topics. Our Thursday Night Net is more formal as a directed Net, but all licensed radio operators are welcomed and encouraged to join. This Net does have a training segment covering radio operations and emergency communications topics including development of best-practices. Other nets are less formal, friendly and often humorous.

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